feed’back’ n.the transfer of part of the output back to the input, as of electricity or information.

“I came to JAMMAN looking for a score to compliment my film. I left with something that DEFINED my film, to which, in my honest opinion, contributed significantly to my eventual distribution deal. James was a pleasure to work with. He was easily able to capture my vision for each and every scene, as well as make intuitive suggestions on how to surpass it. He truly cared about the quality of the final product, and I look forward to working with him on my next project.”
-Rob Greenberg
Selman Productions

“We found James at JAMMAN great to work with and his resources as a musician, composer and producer are so absolute. The band has been at other studios, but never experienced the professional and focused talents that James brought to the table. I would strongly recommend JAMMAN PRODUCTIONS to anyone serious about a recording project.”
Roger Sorhagen
Manager of Alamance

“I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with JAMMAN. James is someone who actually cares about your project and its quality rather then just taking your money and wasting your time. His musical ear is incredible and there is always a peaceful and creative work environment. I came to JAMMAN to find producers and engineers and left with an great sounding project and a friend. Psyche of Sound ”
Erich Davis
Psyche of Sound

“We really enjoy working with James. The atmosphere at JAMMAN studios is very professional, and conducive to great recording and production. James shares his experience with us, but also always welcomes our input. He’s easy to work with, and ultimately helped us achieve our goal by giving us a great sounding final product. James cares as much about our music as we do, and we look forward to working with him again in the future.”
The Hazmats

“JAMMAN PRODUCTIONS is a world-class studio with the latest, cutting edge recording equipment. In addition, owner James Manno treats each client with a tremendous level of professionalism, respect, and above all sensitivity. JAMMAN PRODUCTIONS goes beyond the extra mile to serve their customers. This studio has 100% of my endorsement.”
Andres Lara
President of Inspiration Times Magazine
CEO of A. Success Training, Inc.
Author of Best-Selling book Inspire The Sleeping Giant Within

“Great gear, great sound, great service! JAMMAN PRODUCTIONS Recording Studio is off the hook! James has pumped out some slammin’ tracks for me and I always feel right at home. There’s a good vibe at JAMMAN!”
VBL, rap artist
Winner of “New Jersey Teens Rap Against Drugs”
Winner of DefJams (presented by Russel Simmons) “Teens Rap Against Violence”

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