“April Rain” by Country Artist Richie Balin hits #23 on European Charts

20 Jul

If you remember back in May I produced vocals for two tracks for country artist Richie Balin. The songs were entitled April Rain and Wasting Love.

The most recent International Country Music chart has Richie ranked #41 as an artist and April Rain charted at #23 (see link below)! We’re all very excited about Richie’s music and artistry and are thrilled that people have responded with great enthusiasm in regard to the two new songs released.



“STARS” by Micayla Reynolds Released!

14 Jul

My niece released her first original song, please read her note below about the song and video. In addition, please check out the video on Youtube. She provided the link.
Your support of her endeavor is appreciated.

“Hey everybody!!

In the spring I recorded and co-produced my original song “Stars” at JAMMAN Studios with producer/composer/arranger James A Manno (www.jammanproductions.com).

It was important to me to have a video to support my song before I released it.
This 4th of July, in the midst of hurricane Arthur, we shot and edited the video for “Stars” on the beach in Ocean Grove, NJ, the same location Bruce Springsteen shot his video for “Girls in Their Summer Clothes”. The gale winds and stormy sky were the perfect dramatic setting for the emotional subtext of the song.

Please check out the video for “Stars” at: “STARS” Micayla Reynolds

Please support me and my music by purchasing a copy of “STARS” at any of the locations below:

1) iTunes – search Micayla Reynolds Stars

2) CDBaby.com

3) Amazon.com: Amazon.com:

Thank you!!

With love,

Brooke McRoberts CD Release Event

28 Jun

Last night Brooke McRoberts presented her new CD release “Listen” which I reorder, mixed, mastered, co-produced with her and arranged many of the songs on the album.  Brooke’s voice was pristine, she sounded like the recordings…a real singer.

Check out her album at: http://www.brookemcroberts.com/music.html

JAMMAN Mixing and Mastering Nikki Exotika NEW Song

26 May

A new club song from Nikki Exotika called All Lined Up is soon to hit the clubs and TV. Working on finishing touches this week. Keep an “ear” out.

Country Artist Richie Balin at JAMMAN

16 May

Produced and recorded two vocals for Country Artist Richie Balin for Doc Holiday Productions out of Nashville.
Check them at ReverbNation. Wasting Love and April Rain.


“Some Mean Chord” Mix Session

4 May

Some Mean Chord began mixing their album yesterday.  We did a 6 hour session and mixed 3 tracks.  It was a well balanced day as we made sure we didn’t burn our ears out.  

VBL featuring DaWreck

22 Apr

Mixing a new VBL (Bronze Lain) track featuring DaWreck from Chicago. DaWreck is featured also on Twista’s Darkness. 


JAMMAN in EQ Magazine

16 Apr

While we’re revamping the website, check out James in EQ Magazine

JAMMAN in EQ Magazine

Featured interview from February 2003